It’s almost 12 in the afternoon as I started to type but feels like 9 in the morning. My rainy Saturday brings me here, in a cafe waiting for my lunch having a date with my laptop, letting my fingers dance- trying to sketch my mind into words on this page. A moment I’ve been missing for quite… enough now.

It is time. Or it is not yet the time? is there a right time for this ? or should I just make the time? These are the voices in my head. I just cannot bear it anymore. let me try.

I hope a how are you doen’t sound cliche? I really wanna know how life has been treating you lately ? It’s been 8 years since day 1 I was here, a place called blog. I know some of you are still there, reading words, my words now as you are in this page, scrolling down seeking inspirations, motivations, craving for some new thoughts, new pespectives, wanting to learn something new, learn even more, building yourself, just like me. And some of you are new, so Hi ! I’m Nada, nothing more than just a girl trying to survive, living her life.

I remember someone asked me why I would never ever ride a roller coaster in my life again ? I simply said, My life is a roller coaster , I don’t need another one, thankyou. We both laughed and they never ask me again, I guess we both are agree to that. haha


I dont have any particular thing to talk about now. I just simply wanna greet you. It is  nice once in a while to just exchange smiles , enjoying the tea, realizing how beautiful your smile is and How grateful I am to be in this moment with you.  I know we can not see each other now, but maybe an instrumental would do. To make you feel the feel. Let me show you this, this is what I am listening to at the moment “Hiatus – Precious Little” https://soundcloud.com/hiatus/precious-little . It gives me peace, inspirations and I can not stop smiling somehow. I hope it does the same to you.

I recieved many emails, dms, massages from you nonstop until now, some of you were there since my beginning. Beautiful words you said, some made me tear up. Though I didn’t always have the time to reply one by one, but I really appreciate it, Thankyou for being such inspirations for me. If you feel like struggling… this too shall pass inshaaAllah. Listen to the instrumental I gave you, who knows.. it might make you feel better even just a lil. Hang on there, dear . I know one day you’ll say this to yourself… I made it.

and today.. I made it. Thankyou for the time, It’s nice to talk to you again I realized.

Best luck,





  1. Assalamu’alaikum Miss Nada!

    It’s 10:45 in the morning here in Davao City, Philippines. I really adore you, just the way you are. Thank you for your wonderful words, it made my day more better. Keep your positive vibes and don’t lose your faith. I look up to you. Always take care of yourself.

    Love lots 🙂

    from Ainie

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