Attended a press conference of the upcoming Indonesia Cultural Fashion Amsterdam 2016. We can see clearly that Modest Fashion is growing so fast. And the idea behind this event is to bring up more of Indonesian designers to the world scene, They will bring 4 designers to Amsterdam whom they think are potentials for International market. Each designer will present their own unique styles and with different Indonesian traditional fabrics to the runway, such as Batik Betawi, Sasirangan, and many others. What I really like during this press conference is they gave us Keroncong Live Music. How lovely! Keroncong is Indonesian musical style played by a band which consists  of a flute, a violin, a guitar, a cello,  string bass and a singer. I really appreciate that they put in this vibe to the room, isn’t it a smart idea?  I hope they’ll do the same thing in Amsterdam. Therefore I am wishing  best luck for ICF 2016 in Amsterdam.


Let’s move on to the outfits. I was in the mood of wearing calm colour palette that day. So I decided to play with beige shades all over my outfit. To avoid ’em looking so pale I added this brown belt that I have been wearing a bit too often lately, to be honest. hehe.  Finding the right belt to match the outfit is bit tricky. Most of the time I prefer something simple, small, and brown colour pallate is my fav for belts . I want it to just slightly add some definition to my whole outfit, not supposed to make it look heavy.




And Oh! If you are following me on instagram and checked out my snap gram, you might have seen that I finally jumped into the Keroncong band squad and do the jam together, I just could not help my self seeing the fun, and We played after the press conference without microphone cause they have already turned them off. we were singing , and dance together. If you knew me, I am quite spontaneous sometimes, I remember that time I took over Steet musician microphone at Orchard road Singapore, and we end up having so much fun with the people on the street and being friends . so much happinesss! so much life! . wanna see the picture of the Keroncong band squad and their new member ? Here we are ! can not hide our happy faces,  Thankyou Gentlemen!

  1. Kak Nada, sering-sering upload blog dong kak. Selalu rindu baca post blog kakak. Kalau aku boleh tanya 1 sama Kak Nada, kenapa gaya kakak berpakaian sekarang berbeda dg dulu pertengahan kakak jadi fashion blogger? Tolong dijawab ya kak, trims. Semoga Kak Nada sehat selalu. Aamiin

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