You know those times, when you were just too enjoying the real moment and not feeling like taking pictures, that has always been my problem. Can you feel me, love ? And when I finally decided.. ‘ok lets take at least 2 or 3 pictures of the event today’, I didn’t have enough battery or.. I left my memory card, brilliant! for that I am so mad at myself, yes.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 was held from 22nd until 28th October 2017. Seven hectic days! I got invited to watch many many  shows almost everyday, and I also had my runway moment, walking at the catwalk as a muse, presenting one of Ayu Dyah Andari collection, this time named “The Swan”. Beautiful beautiful beautiful designs. I’ll talk about that in another post, okay. For now let’s talk about this in general, by the way Thankyou so much for inviting me. Some shows I couldn’t make it, sorry. cause I got another thing to do at the same time. but I really appreciate it. Congratulations for all the designers, the team, and everyone who got involved especially in the Modest Fashion industry, It feels amazing to see how we grow and to be a part of this journey, Can not wait for another fabulous thing to come.

still.. sorry for not taking that many photos, you can def check on the timeline, people be like uploading billions beautiful shots of this event, right? ( is that an excuse Nada? ) hehe. here are some photos on my camera, only got some shots of the runway’s collection from the last two days. I hope it is not too late to share.

Designer : Vivi Zubedi
Designer : Qanita Ghalib
Designer : Si Se Sa
Designer : Anniesa Hasibuan


  1. Yeah, I feel it. Want to post about something but I want to enjoy the moment at the same time. I mostly feel it when traveling, though.

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