Sunday, February 10, 2013


Zara pansts, Zara bag

Hola ! How are you doing people ? omg, I know, I know, I've been disappear for quite long but, I still gonna disappear again... I have important things to do in real life, but...I still love you :) please pray for the best in everything I do, your support means the world to me. I hope you have a great February, o yes february, one thing comes on my mind is ... The walking dead ! :p who's excited for the walking dead ? :D
There was a farewell party on my student college at German International School view days ago. And again and again I sang there :p . 
Zara pants

The songs were " I dreamed a dream " - Les Miserables , o my God you have nooo idea how i love that song. it's absolutely a beautiful song, and I love love love the moviee. like seriously, I love all the songs which are in the movie. yes I do. And the second song was " I wanna dance with somebody " - Whitney houston. It's a fun and happy song. My Friends and I had a great great time. it was a supercool day yaayyy :) ( .......i know I am too excited :') )
Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.54.57 PM
me singing ' I dreamed a dream '
Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 12.58.32 PM
'I wanna dance with somebody' as the closing song

The bad news is... I lost the video. I used 2 cameras to record it, but I lost the videos in one of them. eventho I still have them in the other camera. but still....  I'm such a broken hearted girl :( . It wasn't my fault, I swear. it's the card reader. it disconnected by itself while im copying the vids. then.. it's gone..... aiudjhueavcgfisuezbxifzs help me :(

Anywaysss,  do you still remember my previous post ? talking about Samsung Galaxy SIII mini ? I still using it, Samsung Galaxy SIII mini really helps my life, it makes everything easier and I am a happy owner :) I love the camera, ( yea good camera is one reason for being happy today :p ) . Since I am an Instagram- er Samsung Galaxy SIII mini understand me a lot. I can captured good moments without having to bring the heavy SLR. great, hu ? :) dont forget to follow my instagram @indahnadapuspita :)

chairs tv

I wish it never happened. that I lost the videos. I am so sad... soo.... sad :(
 have a good day people, talk to you later. take care :)

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Ilmah Ismail said...

youthfully beautiful!

LaiLa said...

I love this all in white outfit, so beautiful. Is it a skirt or a dress?

I I love the hijab style you are wearing, have you made a tutorial for it?

Indah Nada Puspita said...

thankyou ilmah ismail and laila :)

anywayss it's a dress. thanks a lot , i wud like to make the tutorial but it takes time, so myb next time when i alrdy hv enough free time.

once again thanks a lot gals, I really apprct it :)
have a good day,

Milla Kartikasari said...

if SLR too heavy, maybe u can use camdig naad :)

nice post when a nice moment prettyyy :))

Surya Laili said...

I want to get my college abroad... aaaw...

visit! follow!

Anonymous said...

Celana yg dipakai terlalu ketat :) klo clananya lebih longgar pasti lbh cantik ..

Behind Ink said...

Hi Nada!
Wonderful! I really want see that. I hope you can upload the video :D
Take care Nada!

Dian K said...

your outfit is so adorable...
I am surprised when you can sing,and surely your voice is so beautiful^^

Visit yah and follow, thanks:)

LaiLa said...

Yep, take your time don't worry :)

Ain't Another Hijabi said...

I like the color of your scarf. You look pretty Masha'Allah.

lavita ebella said...

Sooo beautiful! :)

Kindly visit our handmade bag shop ♥

Anonymous said...

Can you do a tutorial for this hijab style? love it very much!:)

Anonymous said...

mau tutorial hijabnya dong nadaaa... :)

Jelita Andini said...

subhanallah... I read every posted and feel amazing, bacause you are very talented, smart, beautiful inside and out... you are such an angel, in a perfect figure, an angel wearing hijab :)

I'm a girl, who really fall in love with you! (I mean the positive way, not by the sexual) I think I'm gonna be your admirer :) not secret anymore, because I already told you :D

stay creative Nada, I love every your every photos in every posts...
I know study is more important than blogging. But I think you have to equalize that, because you'll never know how much we (readers) miss your daily post^^

happy fasting, and I'll be waiting for your blogpost^^

adios kudos


Dress bagus deh 'belinya dimana y??

Zaina Abaya said...

Usually I like colours, but this white stuff so beautiful! Love it!