Monday, February 11, 2013


Restu Anggraini pants and top, New Look vest, @deefastore bag, 
Restu Anggraini pants and top, @deefastore bag, New Look vest

Hello everyone ! Just a quick post to wish you a cool week ahead. anyways I am wearing Restu Anggraini top and leather pants. i Love leather pants. I am so annoyed because i lost my Zara red leather pants. maybe some of you ever seen it in my old post. Gah ! where is it :'( . why do i lost many things lately, except weight! grrhh! I don't know if you can see it or not but the top has lil aztec print which is cute, i like it :) as you know, Restu Anggraini collections are available at MUSE 101, jakarta ( FX Mall ) , and Mein Muslima Designer, jakarta. follow their twitter @restuanggraini . and don't forget to follow me on twitter @nadashouts and instagram @indahnadapuspita , cao cao ! :)

8 komentar:

Erra Kyra said...

COMEL! its mean.. u sangat lah CUTE ! ok..

hee btw salam kenal..



*0813 1902 3735 . my numb at jakarta. ok Nada ! see u again.

Milla Kartikasari said...

so surprised when I see ur post suddenly I look a new one again..

i'm so lucky isn't it?

very,very gorgeous dear :)

allfitri raga putti said...

always love your post ^^

Surya Laili said...

kak nadaaa, I can't see ur top clearly... seems so cute and wearable.

visit! follow!

Hatta Shani said...

perasaan akhir" ini make up nya bikin matamu jadi tambah sipit, jadi bingung, hahaha, nice outfit!

LaiLa said...

Beautiful outfit, I like the scarf so much!

Cindy Aisyah Firdiah said...

ahhhhhhh cantik <3, beauty as always, apa sih ka rahasianya?

lavita ebella said...

I love your top & pants! :)

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