Saturday, February 16, 2013



I was ettending my friend's mom skincare clinic's opening yesterday after college. This is not my hijab style to college for sure. I didn't hv many times to go home first so was still on my college's make up ( foundation, mascara, eyebrow pencil :p )
at least my hijab looks good that's why i re-steyled it after class, or I would look like I was sick or... everybody would be like..'who's daughter is this, where is ur mom, kid" :''(



I loved the weather anywaay , such a lovely day :)



Shirt and Dress : Gaudi 
Glasses : Fendi
Watch : Paris Hilton
Flatshoes : Payless
Juggler Chiffon : @Blankstoreid ( twitter )
Pants : @fourgirlswebstore ( instagram )
Bag : @luckymesh ( instagram )

8 komentar:

nourash said...

love your dress its beautiful ,,,,but hey pretty girls in there your pants too tights

restumargie said...

You have fantastic taste and you always manage to find such cute pieces.. ;)

micha said...

your outfit you're going too well,beautiful dress.

The chic and cheap said...

u look amazing.

I love how delicate these colors are .

lavita ebella said...

Sooo beautiful! :)

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MANNEQUINA moslema said...

Dear Mba Indah..
We are big fans of your style and we wonder if you would like to be our model for the next photo session of our collection? we would be very honored and pleased.

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Cindy Aisyah Firdiah said...

beauty, as always, whats the secret sis? ;)
btw, is that on Gading, right?

LaiLa said...

Love the dress and the hijab style, so awesome!