Saturday, January 19, 2013


Zara Pants, @Shieprakprak top, Missmarina Scarf

Happy Saturday everyone ! I hope you have wonderful days so far. Just a little exciting news to share, that Samsung is launching their Samsung Galaxy SIII mini , Wohooo ! Available in 2 color choices, White and Blue. For those who still don't satisfy enough with your phone which doesn't have the 'in' features and search for an Android with affordable price. This is exactly what are you searching for, for sure ! Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini can access features which are abosolutely we need :) hehehe, like Instragram, Path , Line, Pinterest etc and other cool features like 8 frame burst shot, Smart Stay, S Voice, Direct Call, etc . You can own this Samsung Galaxy S III Mini with only Rp 3.499.000 ( start from 19-20 january 2013 ) . cool, hu ? :) Go find them! available at every 'Samsung Experiential Shop's all around Indonesia :) you can find more informations at here or twitter @Samsung_ID :) Have fun! Anywaaay mine is the white oneee :)

_MG_1004 copy
_MG_1022 copy
_MG_1002 copy
Zara pants, @shieprakprak top, Missmarina scarf


Talk to you very soon, baby. anywaayy ignore the bottles behind me, they're only decorations . i don't drink, for sure lol :) Love, Nada xoxo

12 komentar:

sufy said...

absolutely beautiful :)

Madon Tiara Ramadhan said...

cantik bgt kak :) jadi gak ragu buat pake 2 pattern dalam satu outfits :)

lavita ebella said...

So beautiful! I love your style :)

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allfitri raga putti said...

funny photos ^^

LaiLa said...

This is for sure one of my favourites outfits, I love the colours, the print of the trousers, and the top it's amazing! and of course I loooove the scarf!

Ilmah Ismail said...

sekedar saran, kalau lagi foto-foto di tempat lucu gitu di share dong lokasinyaaa :)

ririst chan said...

kak Nada, minta ijin share your outfits photos on my post yaa?? :)

Nara said...

kenapa gak Sony XPeria aja??? lebih bagus itu... jual beli online aman menyenangkan said...

Kamu cantik,,salam kenal

Anonymous said...

samsung galaxy note 10.1 juga ga kalah keren ni

Anonymous said...

bajunya lebih sopan :) aku suka..

Arezu In Wonderland said...

Beautiful pictures and a gorgeous outfit.
Absolutely love it!

xO Arezu