Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Restu Anggarini  top and pants. @Hijuaburban Turban

IMG_5870 copy
Restu Anggraini top and pants
Believe me this was not my daily look. Lol. I just played with my make up when I had nothing to do yesterday and thought that I had to take pictures before erasing them. hehe. So I took my new 'Restu anggraini top and pants' which I thought really match with the make up. To be honest, I dont know why but I feel like wonder woman. just sayin hahaha. maybe because of that killer eyeliner. well ok, Wonder woman doesn't even wear that eyeliner -.- whatever. Anyway if you like the top and the pants, you can find them at MUSE 101 FX Mall, jakarta , and Mein Muslima Designers, Jakarta. follow its designer's twitter for more info @restuanggraini .  2013 is getting nearer everybody! be ready! Let's keep spreading love and positive things ! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012


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Quentin Boutique head band. @hijaburban turban
Restu Anggraini dress
New Look ring
Schöne Ferien euch allen! :) I am sooo excited! cause I am going to meet my mom,dad and my lil brother. we'll spent our holiday together. I miss them sooo bad. so what's your plan for this holiday budd ? :) It's just like a dream, that we're already standing on the end of the year. time really runs so fast, doesn't it? who's excited for 2013 ? :). I got this new dress from 'RESTU ANGRAINI'. the brand name was'Mainland Heritage' but they are changing it into their designer's name, Restu anggraini. I called her 'kak etu' who is a really nice, and humble person. I wore this dress to watch movie last night, and it was soo comfortable:) find this dress at 'Mein Muslima Designers, Jakarta' and 'MUSE 101 FX Mall, Jakarta'. don't forget to follow her twitter @restuanggraini :) happy holiday!

Friday, December 14, 2012


IMG_5808 copy

Treimee Blazer, New Look top, Stradivarius pants, H&M scarf

I am so excited to begin my days lately, like a fallin' in love baby girl. feel so much happier and peace. There's no secret. Positive thinking is exactly the key. hope we are all always be a better person:)Amin.
 Anyway I got a new tweed blazer from Treimee,  'love at first sight' is the name of their collection, and that's what I was feeling at the first time I got this blazer. hehe. This blazer is available at 'MEIN designers store, jakarta' , follow their twitter @treimee , visit their blog here .
Don't forget to take a look at their adorable campaign video :

Have a good weekend peeps! Be grateful for everything :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Hallo leute ! Wie geht's euch ? :) . It's been a busy week for me. Many things happened, good or bad, that's life. Just a lil bit fun outfit review, as you can see I've just learned how to fly and I cudn't stop it haha :p . The top is from Noni Zakiah, everyone ! A super nice talented designer, Anyway I watched her show on Jakarta Fashion Week last month and it's suuupppeeerrr amazzzinggg. Her designs were remembering me to Lady Gaga. Really want to wear one of those outfit on stage when I am singing! I am not joking :) :p anyway if you love the top in this photo , go grab them at 'Moshaict, jakarta' , 'MUSE 101, jakarta' and @ardelle_markett .
well, see you soon budd, don't forget to be better than yesterday! :)