Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hola new bedroom !

finally i have my own bedroom, i have my own wardrobe, i have my own blanket, i have my own pillow, i have my own paradise ! hihihi :) finally i can save all my stuffs tidyly, soo happy with this new bedroom cause i already moved from the old house. happy happy happy, uh sorry i cant stop saying happy :p hehehe.

he loves duck :)

she loves monkey :)

this is not mine :p this is my boyf's hehe :)

H&M clothes, top shop shoes , top shop bag, top shop accassories

hope this post can inspires  you. once again i wanna say that i am veryyyy happyyy hehe ( i promise you this is the last 'happy' words :p ) . i'll post a request about country look after this post. so wait for the next possssttt, sayonaraaa :)

love, Nada :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nada's 2nd Hijab Tutorial

teteroreeeroreeet ! finally ! i made my 2nd hijab tutorial as you all requested. i dont put any photos in this post, i just put the video, and my the outfits review is also in the video, soooo, just check it out :)

for better quality watch it my youtube channel  : indahnadapuspita93 or you may click here

keep loving me, sayonara :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i suddenly become a chef

believe or not, since i live in germany, i can cook my own meal, and they're all taste good ! really ! my boyf and i become in love with my cook. i never think that i could cook oneday, cause i thought cooking was sooooo not ineresting. but now ... tadaaa !!!! i cook by myself, and you may trust me , they are all delicious, hummmm nyumm nyummm i become hungry owh nooo :)
wanna see the result ? just sit down and see dont be envy :p

perkedel :)

Pastaa :)

Nasi Goreng Kebuli :)

Soup Jamur :)

Jamur Lada Hitam :)

that's it ! what do you think ? wanna taste ? i promise they're better than farah quinn's , cause it made by Nada Queen :) hehehehehehe :p

Sunday, March 13, 2011

stripes and lines

happy sunday everyone ! i feel so good nowadays cause the weather's so good for me, sun smiles wider and wider yaaayy !! cant wait for spring and summer :3

mago jeans, zara flat shoes, promod legging, long champ bag, pinkie cardigan, Fendi sunglasses
bytheway, i made my youtube account indahnadapuspita93 , for uploading videos. and ....... i made Hijab tutorial as you you you all requested, this is my first hijab tutorial, sorry if i made mistake, hope you enjoy it. i love you all readers :)

for better quality click here

keep loving me ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

superfun friday !

ow wow woow ! yesterday was superfun ! hanging out with Fransisca Herdiana, Lukas Wijaya, Muhammad Adhiguna Sosiawan, after class and... taraaa!!!!!! having lunch in Asian Imbiss ! wahooooo , having super crazy luch with super hungy tummy !, there was kwetiaw, risol dan maaaasih banyak lagi hehe :D

kwetiaw ! nyuumm :3

Hi ! I am pretty ;)

the last two photos  = ewww :X