Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Romance de amor

this post requested by Fabiyya Edrus , she asks me a help for finding yearbook outfit ideas (again). the theme is Orchestra. hope this post inspires you Biya, and you all who maybe need it too :) good luck for your final exam and good luck for the yearbook !! :)

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Zara grey dress, promod velvet gloves, H&M ribbon, claire's hat, zara high heels, top shop clutch
Thank you for visitting my blog, reading my posts, comments on blog facebook twitter , thank you for "90 followers" . thank you for supporting me to always update my blog, thank you for all your requests, if there still so  many requests i dont make it yet "tut mir leid ... :(" i'll do my best to fulfill them.
oya anyway, i got problem with my facebook. i can not upload more photos, i can not change my profile picture from my photo albums, i dont know what happen exactly with my facebook ? but, i ever got a warning, facebook said that " someone reports you that blablabla " i dont even remember what facebook said, i just enter "OK" then... till now, i got this problem. whatta pity am i. so sad, fhhh hope someone helps me to fix this. i have no more idea ... and for you who report it, hffff why oh why ? :'(

Saturday, February 19, 2011

schokolade und Sahne

i need my own "wohnung", my own apartment, my own bedroom, my own closet, my own bed, everything's my own, privacy. i need handycam or the other video recorder, i got so many hijab tutorial requests but.... sorry, my laptop microphone doesnt work, and my boyf webcam doesnt work too. i have no handycam, i have no camera with video recorder. too bad, too sad, but i'll find another way for you. just wait, dont be angry.

gaudi white dress, colorbox legging, top shop boots, zara scarf.

eww gillette ;p

 be patient for the next post. keep loving me ♥ xoxo

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine ?

i didn't celebrate valentine. For me, better to go to "SALE" than go buy chocolates. and Shoes as Surprise from boyf is more romantic than dozen of roses and chocolate palace, hehehe

H&M shirt, claire's - H&M - WE accessories, H&M black ribbon, BIANCO jeans bag

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leben in Deutschland

Halo peeps! as you know now i live in Berlin but i haven't told you any story about leaving in here. so maybe this post will tell you something about " Leben in Deutchland ". I arrived in Berlin on 19th January 2011, still too young for me to know Berlin deeper. But, i do enjoy living here. many transportation, big place to live, i mean "wohnung" if you call it in Deutsch haha. so many shopping places, no need to take a long time to go somewhere, much food, fresh air, friendly people, many friends. but less money ! hahaha. damn, i need much more money seriously fhhh. Winter, have you ever touch snow ? auf Deutsch they call it "schnee". as i know by seing the snow, it comes when the rain comes. i mean the rain become snow cause the temperature is too low. i dont know if it is right or wrong but, i guess ya somthing like that. hehe. i really miss the Sun, here when winter comes i guess the one who can find the Sun is a lucky one. cause light comes soo late and dissapear so fast. different with my country before, Indonesia. There. no schee, Sun always burn your skin from morning and she gonna say good bye in the afternoon. 12 hours for Sun 12 hours for moon. perfect, whatta fair country ha ? hahaha. Honestly i miss it but, i enjoy this new condition.

Winter, Snow, Winter, Snow, can you imagine how cold it is for me ( indonesian ) huh ? yap, Glove is really be my best friend, very cold ! if i have to be honest, i do really need summer to come faster, why ? I'm tired of wearing coat everywhere. fhhhh, slow down slow down the weather is getting hotter nowadays so i am getting happier :D. if in Indonesia I used to go somewhere by Car, with air conditioner cause without it you'll feel that you'll burning and die, hearing the tape, no need too much energy but eating all the time it really gonna make a big belly in my tummy. hahaha, but here, you do need sooo muuuchh energyyy ! but dont worry you won't be fat guy cause you have to walk and it burns all you ate, walk walk walk everywhere you wanna go, then go by train ( U bahn, S bahn ), bus, interesting ! it is really dangerous for you if you dont eat much, then the condition is winter, you dont wear your coat or something warm, then you dont know where is the halal food ( for moslem ), you are shy to ask someone, no one understand you, no one you know and no one knows you. too expensive to call a taxi ( here dont hope for a blubird taxi like in indonesia, for me the taxi is quiet expensive) or maybe you dont have money, but you have to walk walk and walk, this is NIGHTMARE ! dont ever be in this condition, it gonna kill you Soon, oh My God keep us always please.

What else ? umm... maybe you want to know about the house i mean the " wohnung " . i live in a big wohnung, big enough i think. there is a big complete kitchen with the stuffs, refrigerator, oven, stove, glass, knife etc big bathroom with bathtub and washing maschine, vacum cleaner etc, two small bedroom and one big bedroom. if i live here alone i guess i couldnt pay it cause very expensive ! but now i live here with sooo many indonesian friends, we have no activities now, we are preparing for our college test individually. when the college begins, we will go to where our college is, some in Halle some is Zittau, Nordy, and some still in Berlin, etc. hoaaah if i imagine it, it will be so sad. we won't be together again.huaaah. keep spirit ! keep spirit ! wahoo ! then.... about the food. yap i am a moslem so maybe its pretty hard for me to find halal food, i usually go to turkish restorant, cause the most of them is moslem, or i bought frozen foods in the supermarket like in Rossman, Aldy, DM, Kaiser. luckyly there is an Asian Supermarket near my house, yea if you miss Indomie, indofood spices, Tao kae Noi (cause i love it so much), ketchup you can buy them here. not too expensive dont worry but not as cheap as in your indonesia hahaha.

In germany except Berlin, i ever visit Coburg and Munich , i went there by ICE train. for me the Munich is the best city, very clean and classic, oaah i love Munich :) buuutt...... expensive -______-"


zara flower print pants, top shop boots, zara coat


Allianz Arena

top shop boots, H&M pink top, H&M scarf, zara coat, up todate flower pin


zara long black coat, zara black leopard boots, zara top, mango jeans

frezzing duck uuu T_T

atmosfer coat, zara boats, zara yellow sweater, mango jeans, billabong bag


osco ( shoe designer ) boots, zara flower print legging, zara brown coat, zara scarf, zara bag

zara boots, gaudi jeans, zara black long coat, zara flowery skirt, zara sweater, up todate scarf, up to date pin, zara bag

edc sweater

skype-ing wif ma broth

skype- ing wif Dila Siltayuri

H&M scarf, zara scarf, L.O.G.G. pink cardigan, gaudi blue leopard top, H&M skirt, zara legging, Zara boats

well, see you in th next posts love :) auf wieder sehen ! tschus !