Monday, January 31, 2011


This post is requested by  Sarah Khairunnisa. she asked me to post about british style for helping her to find some outfits for year book photoshoot. this is what i can give to you, soryy if you're not too satisfy but at least i've tried hehehe. hope this can inspired you :)

zara grey scarf, H&M strips shirt, GAP black shirt, zara boots, top shop & WE accesories

bytheway, i live in berlin now preparing my college. fhh you know, im tired of this winter. wearing coat everywhere even if i just want to throw the trash outside the house. oh my, really heavy ! fhhh. I miss my family soooooo much but the show must go on. and never be sad cause there is nothing to be sad of. im fine and so they are. that is perfect, dont you agree? 

Monday, January 17, 2011

i fly away tomorrow to far away

i made a quote when i was seeing the sky this afternoon.

"Bumi tidak pernah berhenti berputar, jadi mengapa kita harus berhenti berjalan ? berjalanlah , berjalanlah sejauh yang kau bisa. namun jangan khawatir karna bumi akan selalu bulat, maka kamu pasti akan kembali"

fhhhh, what do you think ?
i fly away tomorrow to far away ( kaya lagu adhitya sofyan nih ) buddies. im gonna miss you so much, goodbye indonesia. hello germany, welcome new life ! wish me luck, please pray fo me. jangan bersedih, ingat selama bumi itu bulat aku pasti akan kembali :')

Saturday, January 8, 2011


my third night in balikpapan, I only have two more days ! fhhh so sad. tonight having a dinner with fam in dapeen cafe and lounge. my mom asked me to sing on stage, so... bravely, I do :p

top shop blouse, zara black cardigan, promod legging, zara leopard flat shoes,unbranded skirt

Thursday, January 6, 2011


mango bag, zara leopard flat shoes, fendi sunglasses, zara pants

bytheway I am sooo happy right now cause.. I'm home ! meet my mom dad and my lil brother, I flied yesterday afternoon. poor, i stay here only til monday 10th then i gotta back to jakarta. one more thing that make me soo happy today is, my visa is out ! wahoo germany here I come, whatta happy me hihihi. thanks for always supporting me :) on monday I have to attend my high school reunion, oh God! gonna be so fun ! cheers !