Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nada's 2nd Hijab Tutorial

teteroreeeroreeet ! finally ! i made my 2nd hijab tutorial as you all requested. i dont put any photos in this post, i just put the video, and my the outfits review is also in the video, soooo, just check it out :)

for better quality watch it my youtube channel  : indahnadapuspita93 or you may click here

keep loving me, sayonara :)

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D. A. P. T. said...
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D. A. P. T. said...

hallo.. nice to know you nada,
i do really heart your hijab style in this video,
and you look so cute with that hijab style anyway.
wait for the next tutorial yaaa ;)

Indah Nada Puspita said...

thankyou, insyaAllah :)

dila said...

Hi Nada.. I'm wondering, what's the material for the hijab that you're wearing in this video?