Wednesday, November 4, 2015


_MG_1973 _MG_1890 copy It's a beautiful sunny day in autumn which I dont find that often lately in Hannover. I start to open this page and have my courage to start writting again. I feel nervous and overwhelmed. It's been a long time, too many things to say, I don't know where to start. feels like I almost forgot how to tell things. when actually all I gotta do is just.. write it down. and I should've just known it.

What a coincidence! Adele's song -Hello suddenly played automatically on youtube just now. I was about to say that to you, Hello! . But wait.. eventhough this has been my most favourite song at the moment.. because damn yash those lyrics! no further explaination needed..  this is just not a good time to listen to it, I ain't gonna end up mellow and not finish my writting. I'm sorry. Just not now, Adele. You're still my favourite. But let me write and greets my friends with excitements!
Probably some justin Bieber would be fine... at least the beats.

It's nice to be back, I can't hide it. You guys are the spirit. I kept recieving emails, comments, from you , everywhere, asking me to blog again and to keep it updated. and also from the closest people around me who keep reminding and supporting me, you know who you are. If there is any better word than 'Thankyou', I would love to say it to you. So here I am.. Thankyou, Thankyou for the love, and inspirations!


_MG_2072 copy

There's a lot to share but this one, I can't keep it any longer. I spent my weekend in Karlsruhe - Germany last week and decided to make a short visit to Heidelberg for a day. It took 45 minutes by train. That was my very first time visiting Heidelberg, and honestly said.. I need to come back. Heidelberg was super gorgeous in Autumn. Too sad, I didn't have that much time to visit more spots in Heidelberg because I need to go back to Karlsruhe in the afternoon. but that was enough to have a lunch and take some shots at  and around the Old Bridge ( Alte Bruecke ). This place is beautiful.
I wish I had enough time at least to visit the landmark of Heidelberg. Yes, tha castle! ( Heidelberger Schloss ) It must be marvelous to see Heidelberg from above, I can imagine!


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hi, Everyone! how was your day ? hope it's pretty amazing. Another post of a gorgeous day in the city. I was just enjoying the day outside the house. I decided not to bring anything heavy with me, just a mini hand bag ( I love mini hand bags! ) , no huge camera ( whoop! release ), dress up a lil bit but still keep it simple babe ( hashtag koolkid haha ), feelin' fabulous ( in the mood for skirt and monochrome! yash! ), and put my white sneakers on ( uh yeah laff, keep it comfortable ).

 I wanted to snap around, but since I didn't bring my fat camera, I tried to capture some moments in this gorgeous day with just my phone camera. because why not. At first I'd like to only keep 'em in my phone. just in case later I miss one bright sunny day like this. To be honest I don't really trust Phone camera for blogging stuffs. Altho, I know the quality of phone camera nowadays is already super good however I don't feel satisfy. Well I don't know, probably I should give it a chance..

So here they are, some grids of that one gorgeous day I made. What do you think ? Is it blog - worth ? Well, after seeing the result I can say, it's not that bad after all. and by making it into grids ,  they looks more like telling a story and made it somekind of more interesting.. and It's a lot easier for me cause I just need to edit them on my phone's app. haha. but I have to say.... capturing it with that huge camera you got a lot better result and for me personally I'd feel  more satisfy, especially for the outfit shoots.. haha but for just a simple snapping around shoots like this, phone camera did it pretty good.

See you in the next post, xoxo

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


DSCF4506 copy
DSCF4509 copy

Hi, love! how are you doing? I hope everything's fine there. It's May already, can you believe it? it feels like the time goes faster and faster, year by year. some said it's a sign you're getting older. haha . ooh yasssh can't deny it tho, I aaam, and I can't stahp it :( . what so eva. Anyways love, I know this question may sounds weird and random but.. do you like to watch movie ? like seriously, I personally can say that I am not a fan of going to the cinema for the new movies, and always keep myself updated. I mean.. I like to watch movie (sometimes), and kinda moody. and honestly.. tell me the hottest movie right now, super hero? action movie? I might not show you the excitement you expect. Unless it's Cartoon/Animation, Musical, those get me excited. yea I know I'm boring... but wait! also.. horror movies, comedy and those movies who make you overthink. they are addictive! ( that's a lot tho haha, whatevs) .

How about romance ? drama ? well...I may be enjoy them but... should I be honest ? haha I am a very mellow person, so or too easy to cry... and sometimes it's just unbelievably easy to make me feel so touched.
I even cry watching Hell's Kitchen when someone dropped their dish and lost their time and they became to seem sad and disappoint, that's ridiculous!
and many times, that 'sad' feeling just didn't finish by the end of the movie. it stayed a lil longer with me. Which I don't like. Yea, I'm such a baby.

Bytheway loves, how about you ? I wanna hear some from you and.. what's your current fav movie ? or the latest movie you watch and you like the most! I'm in the mood for a movie marathon haha. I watched two old Thai horror movies in one night a couple of days ago. first, The Swimmers.. Quite Interesting! you should try to watch em, cause why not! . second, Pee Mak.. I know I am so late but this horror movie is hilarious! they also have some touching part ( I think ) .. so still... I cried at the end, sorry can't help it. so many feelings in one movie, recommended!

Friday, April 24, 2015


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So glad that spring is really here. Bye bye to those 'too cold' days, and hello sunshine! :) Dear Spring, you have no idea how happy I am to finally meet you again. Thankyou for warming up the city, bringing happiness to us and for all the beauty you caused. Spring is time for dressing up more freely and creatively. I like the fact that we are now able to wear thinner clothes while it's still proper to wear coat/layers at the same time. Unlike the summer, when it is too hot for me. So please.. dear Spring, I need you to stay a little longer.

 Anyways I've been such a sneakerhead lately. I have some new pair of sneakers and I can not get enough. We walk a lot! here in europe, everybody does it. it's a normal thing. So it's okay to have lots of lots nice sneakers, don't you agree? hehe. In Indonesia it's so much different, most of the people go here and there by car, the ladies got more chances to wear higher heels, and stilettos. I don't say that it's impossible for us here to wear that kind of shoes, I wear 'em sometimes, it's just I find it not as flexible and comfortable as when I'm in my homeland.

I can say for now nike is my favourite brand for sneakers. they always have nice designs and their logo is just.. I don't know it looks nike, ups I mean.. 'nice'. cause it's nike. This red one I was wearing is a customize NikeId. Which means they already have the model, They gave you colour and pattern choices, so you can custom/design the shoes just like how you want it. you can even put your name on it. how nike is that! I was so in the mood for red cherry colour, I painted the same colour on my nail, and also put a red cherry headscarf on. Red is never dead.

Friday, April 17, 2015


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Another post on the blog after almost 6 months since the latest feed. I am finally here, so excited to be back! and trying to keep you guys updated. Well, it's been a long long time, I know.. and to start fresh, I think it won't be complete without " Salam, and Hi! " with a little smiley :)  How you guys been doing ? I hope everything is going well with you.

If you're wondering what happened to me or this blog? and why didn't I post anything yet for that long?  Thankyou, I apreciate that. Alhamdulillah I am good and everything is fine. Life just gets bussier with some new things, some new projects,  new plans, I am enjoying it. But.. if I have to mention 2 Things that consumed my time, my energy and my mind the most lately, I'll tell you a little bit, they are.. First, Alhamdulillah I had just launched a Scarf brand, named after my name.. ' Nada Puspita ' on February 2015. And the official launching was held in Indoneisa, at Indonesia Fashion Week. InshaaAllah next time I will tell more about it in a blogpost.

Second... I was busy with my new career in music industry as a singer. This is the most exciting thing, probably one of the most exciting thing that ever happened in my life. You know, I have so much passion in Art, in music, especially singing. It has always been something that I really love to do. but just as one of my hobby, never knew that one day I'd take it seriously and jump into the music industry and be a professional singer. But now.. I can not believe this is happening.  I am thankful and grateful for this experience.. But still it's gonna be long journey for me. I have just started it out..
I was busy working on my first single tittled "No Me and You" which was released on March 2015. Puspita - No Me and You is now available on iTunes. and anyways thankyou for the so many positive feedback about the song , babes! Though the work, and the schedule were full and exhausting, but I am glad that I enjoyed it so much and because this is a new life to me,  I still am trying to get used to it. And also, to be able to work with and meet inspiring people is always nice. Well, everyone is inspiring to me honestly, hehe.

Oh anyways, not to forget in this little blogpost  , I wanna say congratulation, enjoy, and good luck, especially in this case , to all musicians and artists I do appreciate the love you give to such thing, to live for 'passion' and the work, the hard work, behind all "the fame, what people think, that it's easy, this and that"the fact that it is a way of life, there must be ups and downs. we all struggle and survive. God bless you with your talent. I hope all human could be more respectful to each other. and we all can 'successfully reach our own kind of success and build our own kind of happiness'. cause everyone's definition of "Success" and "Happiness" are not the same and that could be personal.

So those are the main two things. and still many other things that really took my time to go back sit and write in this little page. But... Beside the rush and everything.. If I have to be honest,  there is no day without thinking of my blog and you, my readers. That's true. I miss connecting with you, and share things. Inspire and get inspired. That is why when I come back, I want to start fresh. and now I am back to Germany, it means.. I can breathe a little bit from the super hectic life in Indonesia. It's time for me to sit, be calm, and work on other things. For months, I've been  making plans and preparing for my return. I've been working on this site and trying to rebuild it.


   - Brought back to life or activity []
   - Emotionally or Spiritually revived or regenerated []

( Noun )
  - A flower, especially one culivated for its beauty
  - A Youthful or heathy glow in a person's complexion

( Verb )
  - Produce flowers, be in flower
[ ]

Reborn and Bloom , as written on the tittle of this post.
It's spring here in Europe. The flower starts to bloom again, The sun starts to shine more often, and The weather gets warmer. Everybody's happy and the city looks even more lovely. it's a good time to start new, to be more optimistic and excited about anything. and sure it's a good time for this page to bloom again.
You may have noticed something different with this site. yes, the brand new look, design, blog's name, domain. basically almost everything in this page, change. well I actually prefer to call it as an "Upgrade" instead of a "Change". because really it doesn't change , They're just .. improved.

I think this design suits my personality pretty well. It's pretty simple and clean. I like that. Blog's design is one of the most important thing to be concerned from owning a blog. It would be better if it fits your personality. The Design is what readers first notice or stay on their mind and could impact your readers on how they feel about your blog ( Take a note! It's a little tips, guys haha ). So, try to show your personality through your blog's design!

SKETCHES OF MIND by Indah Nada Puspita.
Perhaps some of you can still remember , that I have been using this tittle years ago, before my latest blog's name, and it's for the longest time comparing to other blog's name I have ever used. I decided to go back to Sketches of Mind as I realized and felt that this name fits me best and remember that day I was so confident and satisfied the first time I decide Sketches of Mind as my blog's name. The meaning itself fits really well with the content that I want to share on this site. Sketches of Mind, is a little page where I like to share some stuffs, some things, some thoughts, some ideas, that is running inside my brain, which are mostly things related to art and life, some inspirations, some sketches of my mind.

Above all, The point is... that I wanna feel as comfortable as possible on blogging. the time, the content, things I'd like to share, the style, the outfits, and the blog itself. and so by that I hope you could feel comfortable enough too to stay with me and share things together. Hope there always be something good you can keep from this site and hope all the good things are blessings for us all and everyone. So let us try to see the beauty in everything.

and with this post I proudly say that Sketches of Mind... is reborn.

Ps : Big thanks to my dearest Ollyvia Laura from Something Real Serious blog and her genious  sweetheart for helping me on the process, for helping me to work this out. You guys Rock! I won't make it happen without you guys, Thankyou. xoxo